Came in and it was a sweet looking venue. Fellas working there are pretty professional. Pretty sweet music played. Price is pretty good unless you're a cheap bastard. The ladies are very beautiful and friendly. If I were you though, I'd come there to see Sin perform. Hands down most beautiful girl and she's got the best moves. But that's just me. Gonna have to go there to see the other ladies too, they're all great but Sin was the one for me that night. I've danced with lotsa girls before and never seen moves like that. She won't disappoint you and if you enjoy it as much as if, you'll never forget her.
- Donnie J. San Jose, CA

Yeah been to strip clubs before but always for someone else's party or event.  First time for 'ME' and I have to say it was damn awesome experience.  Popped my cherry with a fabulous VIP dance from Kylie.  Lets just say it was better than a few of my previous s**ual encounters. I don't really care what that says about me or my previous partners, but it is the truth! She is beautiful, smart, sincere, super sexy (awesome skin), with a body that was straight from the best centerfold spread you have ever seen. Oh yeah she smelled soooo freekin good too.  OHHHHHH  YEAAAAH! A better experience than SF, or Vegas! All the girls were very nice, hot and friendly.  Made the experience very comfortable. I'll be back now that I'm no longer a rookie.
- Brad G. San Jose, CA

I have been here three times and all three times i have enjoyed myself greatly. not only are the women hot but the atmosphere was great they have a good Dj playing some sick music. and the women there are sexy and kind. always offering a private dance when u want one. they also have a bar with soda, juice and many other non alcholic beverages. everytime i have gone my experiance has been great.
- Edgar G. San Jose, CA
Vey nice club. Ultra high-end vibe but actually its not that expensive. I liked the lunch too. The girls are really friendly and hot. They dont twist your arm to get you to buy a dance and it seems like they really are interested in you...i guess that means theyre just good at their job
- Jordan D. Castro Valley , CA